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Castlemere Properties Limited - Background History:

The original Castlemere entity (formed in 1969) was a subsidiary of the Toronto based, Imperial Life Assurance Company of Canada.

In 1982, Imperial Life became a subsidiary of the Montreal based Laurentian Group.

In 1990 Laurentian became a subsidiary of the Quebec based Des Jardins Group.

Castlemere was a subsidiary of the Life Fund, developing, managing and investing in property.

From 1990, the Castlemere team also managed the unit-linked property funds.

In 1994 the Executive Directors of Castlemere purchased the Castlemere name and certain corporate assets and entered into a management contract to manage all of the Canadian Group's UK Property Investments.

In 1995 the Lincoln National Corporation (LNC), acquired Des Jardins UK interests and began to combine them with Lincoln's UK interests.

In 1997 all the UK Insurance and Fund Management activities of Lincoln were merged,

Castlemere undertakes all strategic planning, property development, management and accounting for The Lincoln Property Fund, and for individual specific portfolios, subect to approval by Lincoln that there is no conflict of interest.


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