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The Lincoln Unit - Linked Property Funds - Background History

The Lincoln Unit Linked Property Funds are managed by Castlemere Properties Limited.

The executives of Castlemere have been connected with the Group since 1975, originally managing the Life Fund Portfolios of the Imperial Life Assurance Company of Canada and then The Laurentian Group.


From June 1997 Castemere took responsibility for all strategic planning, property development, property management and rent and service charge accounting for the Lincoln Property Funds.


The Lincoln Property Funds

  • Are Unit Linked funds which invest purely in direct commercial property


  • Will always be safety conscious risk adverse
  • That have no other investments. (No equities, no residential, no agricultural land).
  • Will be performance, driven / benchmarked against the appropriate Index.
  • That have no debt.
  • Will be true to its mission and operating principles
  • That will consider that cash is an acceptable alternative investment, in the absence of properties which meet the Fund requirements, or if market conditions are unsettled.



Mission and Operating Principles

The mission of the Lincoln Property Funds will be to respond aggressively to property investment and property development opportunities to ensure above average returns on funds invested, through yield and capital growth and, as a result, performance.

Operating Principles:
These principles are paramount in conducting the activities of the Lincoln Property Fund:

The Lincoln Property Funds will be performance driven. All investment and development decisions must provide satisfactory returns to unit holders.

The Managers of the Lincoln Property Funds will strive to achieve a management style, based upon broad property and managerial experience. This will be built upon a clear perception of reality; the capacity to assess the measured benefits of transactions; integrity; decisiveness, informed by balance and judgement; and a sharp strategic focus.


The Managers of the Lincoln Property Funds will be risk conscious. While being entrepreneurial the Lincoln Property Funds will not entertain activities where the "downside risk" could materially effect the policyholder's return.

The Lincoln Property Funds will be cost oriented. All activities must combine sensible financing arrangements together with effective cost and financial control monitoring.

The Lincoln Property Funds will be consumer focused. The Fund must provide and maintain property which meets the demands of consumers by maintaining close contact with the property market, tenants, agents and purchasers; being continually aware of, and consistently identifying, changes in the market place; adapting rapidly to shifts in demand; emphasising quality of service, design, workmanship and facilities.



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